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Side Bar Gif

Original Side Mural Old Building with Paint Store

Our sign before we corrected the year.(Left) The Building before the addition. (Right)

Side Mural 1970's

Another angle of the building from the 1970's.


Inside Old Building with Charles BohnJob Printing

Charles Bohn with Assistant in current location.(Left) Before we changed our name to Bohn's. (Right)

Name ChangeAdam Bohn w/ Daughter Hazel & Wife Minnie

Building apperance after name change, but before the mural. (Left)

Adam Bohn with his wife Minnie & daughter Hazel. (Right)

Jordan Bohn w/ new press

Jordan Bohn by the first press additions of Bohn's Printing. (Left) This is a picture of the first press of Bohn's Printing. Taken by Susan Buce. It was used by the founder of Bohn's Printing until the current owner. It was donated to the Fort Dalles Musuem and is currently in their storage. (Right)

Close Up Original Press

Picture of Press taken by Susan Buce, currently located in the storage area of the Fort Dalles Musuem. It was used by Adam Bohn, Charles Bohn, Jordan Bohn and Richard Bohn the current owner. It was donated to the musuem in the mid 90's.